Our Services

Blue Ladder provides all home improvements and renovation services that covers all areas of your home. Check out our full-service list below!

Bathroom Renovation

Renovating your bathroom without a plan or design creates many hurdles and drives the cost of completion up. We focus on planning and creating a proper design to ensure there are no setbacks

Our expert crew is here to make your bathroom attractive and beautiful. Whether you want to install new cabinets, showers or set up a new bath, we have the knowledge and expertise to complete at affordable prices.

Our priority is to center every aspect of your bathroom renovation around your needs and suitability. Blue Ladder specializes in creating more usability while also adding a modern ambiance to the space with a look that will completely blend with your home.


Basement Renovation

Basements are not meant to be spare rooms or a storage area. They can be quite handy but have to be renovated first. Statistically, basements are the least-thought-of place in the house but can very quickly be transformed into the family’s favorite room.

Since basement renovation is slowly becoming both a trend and a requirement, the costs of renovating your basement have become increasingly affordable. You can earn passive income by renovating your basement within a reasonable budget and renting it out.

We take pride in helping you get inspiration from our renovation ideas that can bring life into your basement. When you’re reselling your home, a finished basement will add to the overall home value.



Blue Ladder Home Improvement brings professional experience in all floor types that meet your needs and more importantly, your budget.

With numerous types and colors of floors and tiles available in the market, it can become an overwhelming task for you to select one. Our experts help you choose the perfect design that will match your needs and color requirements.

Our flooring services include - Hardwood, Laminate, Tiles, and Vinyl Flooring. We aim to deliver for your flooring needs at a competitive price without hampering your budget.

Flooring installers at Blue Ladder are trained professionals and we make sure that your project is completed promptly and to the highest standard.



A fresh coat of paint can make your house feel a little cozier and sometimes change is refreshing!

Blue Ladder offers exterior and interior house painting services with custom interior painting and painting for all types of exterior surfaces including wood, siding and stucco. Whether you just want to light up a living room or give your whole house a completely new look, our promise is to deliver speed and quality.

We know that you have a fixed budget and that is why we not only provide a great painting service but also provide a service that is affordable.



Our Drywall services range from drywall installation and framing to steel framing systems, suspended ceiling systems and more. Our team at Blue Ladder works quickly and efficiently while keeping you updated on the progress of the project.

We develop a complete plan that is focused on your requirements in a way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Accuracy and precision are the key components that we bring to every successful drywall installation. Our craftsmanship and dedication will ensure that your drywall is of the highest possible quality.



Choosing between plaster and drywall can very quickly become a daunting task. Plaster is incredibly durable and will last for decades before it needs to be replaced. However, when cracked or damaged, it can be difficult to complete repairs.

Plaster provides a better sound barrier than drywall and gives an unmatched look. It is also a very common option for ceiling designs and adds a truly beautiful look to your home interior.

Our team at Blue Ladder has years of experience helping customers decide which option is the most suitable for them and completing professional installations and deliver a beautiful finished product.



Your kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home and should make a strong impression. Small upgrades like adding a backsplash can make your home more comforting, adding value and style.

Installing a new kitchen backsplash can make a big difference compared to its installation cost. We provide detail-focused kitchen backsplash services ensuring your kitchen looks more beautiful than ever once the job is done.

Backsplash comes in a variety of shapes and is made of a wide range of materials. You will get the widest variety of backsplash options at Blue Ladder that make your kitchen look more modern. It gives a finishing look that your counter and cabinet cannot give entirely.



The key to having a strong deck construction is to find the right builder for the job. After years in the business of building decks and all kinds of outdoor structures, Blue Ladder delivers 100% customer satisfaction.

Our premier decking materials offer the perfect blend of durability, design, and style. We can build your dream deck from pressure-treated wood, cedar, vinyl or composite, and from wood or glass railings and pickets.

Our maintenance-free options give you the beauty of wood without the upkeep of it. Composite is long-lasting, weather-resistant, and easy to care for, which means you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors instead of tending to it.



Interlocking stones at the front and back of your house will significantly improve your home appearance, value and curb appeal. It is a low maintenance landscaping solution that ages well and gives a beautiful finish. 

Damaged interlocking is uncomplicated and economical to repair as opposed to rigid concrete because the stones just need to be removed and replaced with new ones. Compared to concrete and asphalt pavements, interlocking is much more durable and the stones don't crack, chip or flake as the ground expands and contracts over time.

Blue Ladder has a variety of interlocking stone options with different textures, shapes, sizes and finishes for you to choose from.



Whether you’re building a new home, finishing your existing basement or making a new addition, we deliver top workmanship and precision on time and within budget.

Framing acts as a skeletal support system and is vital in supporting walls, ceilings, and roofs. Following trades rely on the precision of the framing team to complement the finish of their work. It is vital your framing and roof frames are built appropriately which is why it is important your framers have the correct knowledge and experience to do the job right – the first time.



At Blue Ladder, we have the expertise and resources to provide you with custom fencing solutions. Whatever your fencing requirements, we can deliver a cost-effective solution.

Add privacy, utility and value to your home and garden with a fence installation. We provide our customers with superior metal, natural wood, ornamental iron, chain link and vinyl fencing options.


Kitchen Renovation

We offer a complete service for a kitchen renovation that includes replacing old and worn fixtures, providing more electrical outlets to accommodate the appliances that are used in a modern culinary setting and adding more usability to the place by changing the layout.

We offer complete services for kitchen renovations that include all of the components necessary to create a stunning kitchen. With decades of renovation experience, we have the skill and experience in kitchen renovations and redesign to capture the image of the new kitchen that you have in mind and to make your vision a reality.

Whether the finishes are worn and unattractive or the cabinets and counters are outdated, we work with our clients to find out exactly what design and products best match their needs, lifestyle and budget.


Recreational Rooms

Recreational rooms are ideal for kids and entertaining large groups or as an open space for hobbies and games. A new rec room adds incredible versatility to your home.

Recreational rooms can be an additional build or can be made from a vacant basement or attic space.

When you need a room in your home to serve a specific purpose, we can tailor a living space exactly how you want it. From media rooms to music rooms and anything in between, we will listen to your design ideas and transform them into a living space you truly value.


Complete Home Renovation

At Blue Ladder, we remodel your house to match your family’s imagination and make it more personalized and unique. We will ensure that the upgrades you will implement will maximize your return on investment by increasing your property value.

We handle every step of the full home renovation process all the way from design, demolition, construction and finishing.

Whatever the extent of your renovation project, Blue Ladder Home Improvements can provide all the services required to transform your home into a new home with finishes and upgrades that meet your needs.


Home Repairs

Leave us your Home Repair to-do list and we will take care of it. We come with all the tools required to fix your broken fixtures and home items and if something is beyond repair we will help you find and install replacement that you like.

Our Home Repair Service covers:

  • Drywall Repair
  • Electrical Repair
  • Flooring Repair
  • Ceiling Repair
  • Furniture Repair
  • Gutter Repair
  • Plumbing
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Repairs
  • Window Repairs

Furniture Assembly

Blue Ladder takes care of complex furniture assembly procedures for you. Sometimes, furniture with the minimum required assembly also becomes extensively time-consuming and difficult to carry out.

We can save the time required for assembly and you can be rest assured that your furniture has been assembled efficiently and exactly how it was meant to.

Our team is well-equiped and trained to assemble any kind of furniture including storage racks, decks, tables, cabinets, bookcases and more.


Baby Proofing

First things first, congratulations on the upcoming newest member of your family. Blue Ladder is waiting to help you get your home ready. Instead of spending your precious time to make your home safe, let us take care of that so there are absolutely no loose ends.

You will be very surprised to know how many risks your home posses to your newborn child especially when they begin to crawl and walk. We are experts at Baby Proofing your home.

By evaluating the layout of the whole house, we will make sure everything is safe for your child from head to toe. Our trained professionals have helped many new parents protect their children from getting into things they shouldn’t.


Mounting and Light Installations

Blue Ladder’s mounting services are affortable. Our trained professionals can mount projectors, monitors, video walls, smartboards, TVs and more.

We ensure that all your devices are connected properly and running smoothly, exactly how you want it. Our mounting services also cover shelf mounting and hanging pictures.

Lighting in and around the house has an effect on your mood. The correct light in all your rooms is one of the most important aspects of a house. If you’re looking to upgrade an area or repair a lighting fixture, do not hesitate to contact our professionals.


Heavy Lifting

Need to move heavy furniture around the house? Do not put your back health at risk. Blue Ladder professionals can handle all the heavy lifting for you in a safe and secure manner.

When dealing with heavy furniture like couches, dressers, beds and tables, make sure you call Blue Ladder.

We can help you move your old furniture out and bring in the new. Our professionals also help you rearrange your furniture to completely transform your existing space.



Carpenters at Blue Ladder have undergone years of training and deliver high quality work that lasts for years to come. Work done by our professional carpenters is also more visually appealing and we know how to get the most out of a piece of wood.

Before the work begins, our team member will sit down to go over the specifics of the projects. Depending on your budget we will make specific suggestions and we aim to exceed expectations with the caliber of our work.